Monday, November 19, 2007

Elvis Costello - My aim is true

Sometimes it's really strange the way I choose CDs! Normally I read reviews on specialized magazines. But it's not enough. It's also important the impression after listening a couple of tunes. On the radio. Or on the Tv. Sometimes I search the web looking for some hints. But sometimes the way I choose is a little bit crazy. I'm driven by something that has nothing to do with the quality of the final product.

This is the case of my last choice. An album from Elvis Costello. My aim is true. It was originally released in 1977. It's his debut album. Ok, maybe it's better to start from the beginning. I really don't know much about Elvis Costello. But at least I know his name. I know he married Diana Krall. I know the he his famed to be a good musician. Stop. Nothing more. The first time I have heard some of his music was in a movie. Yes a movie. I'm talking about an Austin Power's episode. I have seen a cameo with Costello and Bacharach playing a nice tune in a Swinging London overcrowded by strange hippies. That's it. All my knowledge about Costello's music is related to those few frames.

No doubt that my curiosity has been touched. But nothing more. For years I didn't feel the needs to understand better. But recently I have fallen in love with a guitar. It's a Fender. Jazzmaster is the name. It was designed for Jazz. It's rare and not fully understood by many guitar players. But what does this guitar has to so with Elvis Costello and with my choice? A lot! Costello is one of the few (probably a little snob?) that did choose the Jazzmaster as his main guitar.

I had a look at the cover of the CD with this man and his crazy posture holding this amazing Jazzmaster. It was impossible to resist. I was pushed to buy the De Luxe Edition. Ok, the De luxe Edition is just marketing (Live + Demos). Probably it's not worth the extra money. But the original version of the album is just surprisingly! Any track is so full of energy. It sounds so fresh and true. It has a lo-fi flavor, like a demo tape. But all the album is absolutely powerful. Romantic tunes like Alison are paired with rock'n'roll attitude like in Welcome to the Working Week, Miracle Man or the wonderful Waiting for the End of the World.

My aim is true is a great debut album. It's pure rock'n'roll well spiced up with some punk, jazz and blues. It's the product of a fresh talent. Maybe a little bit rough here and there but so funny. It sounds new. Even today. It's a little bit surprising to me that Elvis Costello after all is not so known to the mass. Maybe it's a choice. I don't know. But after all what makes me smile is that my crazy method of choice was (this time too?) successful and made me find a real jewel.