Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gigi Cifarelli's talking guitar

Talking about music is not so easy. There are many chances to use stereotypes. Brazilian has the rhythm in their blood! Any Brazilian? Cubans dance like gods! Any Cuban? Could it be possible? Only (Afro)Americans can play the Blues! Yeah, the Blues. But also Jazz music. It's chilling to think about a Norwegian playing Jazz music. But in the cold Scandinavia is possible to find some of the finest modern Jazz players.

And what about Italians? Think about Italy means to think about Pizza & Mandolino? Are we so sure? I'm not! Probably stereotypes, like any legend, have some truth inside. I'm quite sure that it's something related to attitude. Capacity. For sure a Jamaican is much more confident with Reggae music than with winter sports. But if I'm not wrong there was a Jamaican team riding a bobsled at the Winter Olympics! Probably an Italian is more confident with soccer playing (or at least talking) than playing Jazz music. But there are many examples of great Italian Jazzman & Bluesman. Could be crazy. Could sound impossible. I don't know. What I know is the existence of the proof.

And the proof has a name. The name is Cifarelli. Gigi Cifarelli. He is really incredible. In the Milan city area he is one of the most famous and appreciated musicians. But ha has lot of fans all over Italy and Europe. Probably his name is known also in the USA. For sure in USA he has lot of friends. Mike Stern is one of them. Many times they shared the same stage for a gig. Also a real Jazz Master like the (sadly) gone Tony Scott was a fan of Gigi. He has played with many stars. It's enough to take a look at the gallery of his own web site to check it.

Gigi has an incredible feeling with music. He doesn't play the guitar. He makes the guitar talk to the audience. The instrument is the media to drive all the emotions. And Gigi drives many emotions to the audience. He has incredible technical skills. But really seldom he uses it. He prefers to use the heart, to have fun and to provide fun to the others. He is for sure one of the greatest Jazz players in Italy. And not only. He plays the Blues like few others can. But the crazy thing is that music to him is not a job. He whisper to his friends that his real job is to ride the bicycle. For real. He wins many competition every year. Guitar is just an hobby. It's a way to lower everyday stress. It's just fun. Not a job.

On 6th July he has played in Nice with one of the biggest American guitar players: Mr Al Di Meola. Yes, typical American name...just look at the cover photos of Friday Night In San Francisco! Despite of its Pizza & Mandolino attitude Gigi has played great Blues & Jazz. Also Mr Di Meola has been shocked by him. Probably Gigi will receive some proposal for a tour abroad (maybe in the USA) but I'm not sure he will accept. How can he left his bike for such a long time???

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