Friday, August 10, 2007

Valentino Rossi has some problem with his taxes! Who cares???

Maybe Elisabetta Canalis has nothing to do with it. The same for all the flirts that have been recently published on tabloids. Probably the truth about Valentino Rossi's last bad performances it's another. It looks that he has been fined for nearly 112.000.000 EUR by the Italian fiscal authority. Congratulations! Who can deeply concentrate on his job with such a big amount of money to pay? Even for 1/1000 of it! Not me. Nor Valentino, probably.

Of course I can't tell if it's true or not his fiscal problem. But the real truth is that I don't care at all about it. It's quite easy to understand that the Champion has moved from Tavullia to London for fiscal purposes. But again I don't care about it. He is free to do what he likes. What are care about are just results. Race results. And emotions. The ones he gives me anytime he races. And for sure he will gave a lot them to me in the future.

I don't understand the ones that feels betrayed. I don't feel like that. Valentino Rossi is a real champion. And he will be forever. He is really nice. He is a winner. And he will always be it forever. Taxes, paid or not, have nothing to do with it. It's just stupid that the detectives have lost three years trying to find the clues of his guiltiness. In three years they could probably have discovered thousands of other crimes. But it's more easy to have this spectacular success. Many invidious guys will be really happy. Not me. I don't care if Valentino was right or wrong with his fiscal matters. Italy should dedicate him a great monument for what he has done and for the glory he has brought to our country.

Anyway I'm sure that Valentino knows how to answer. If he is going to win next race probably he will do the honour lap dressed like a prisoner. He is condemned to win (yes to pay the fine...ridiculous, simply ridiculous).

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