Friday, September 28, 2007

Tottimotori: the photo session book

To play any kind of game is really important for a child. Through the game he can make a lot of experience so important for his development. For adults too games and toys are essential. But there is a big problem. Two big problems indeed. The first one is that until you are a child adults buy toys for you. Once grown up you must provide by yourself. The second one is that adult's toys are normally really expensive. Very much.

Boys loves toy cars, toy boats and toy bikes. Once grown up they prefer Porsche cars, yachts and rare and expensive motor bikes. Analyzing in details the last point it looks clear how men do prefer special unique bikes. The ones that brings lot of emotions and that help you to emerge in the crowd. But only the lucky ones could ride real specials built by the masters.

A considerable part of the specials appeared in European bike magazines during the recent years have been designed and built in a lonely farm lost in the countryside surrounding Bologna. The Master who crafted those masterpieces is named Roberto Totti. During my frequent oniric-lisergic dreams I see him as a novel Santa Klaus able to mold any kind of material for the pleasure of his customers and to realize their most crazy ideas.

During his long career he has built an unknown number of masterpieces, only in part revealed to the public. Unbelievable examples of his art are bike like the Pregnant Duck, extreme rebuilding of an obsolete CBX 6 cylinders; the Vale Rossi Tribute, a great Urban Motard based on a YZ dirt bike; the modern interpretation of a classic Ducati Apollo; the wonderful Stinger, able to give a soul to the almost aseptic CCM bikes; the unholy marvelous Bonneville Hommage, extreme Super Motard based on a classic Triumph bike; and to ends up the Slim Race 24, light years ahead anything.

Roberto Totti and Tottimotori are all of this. And much more. Classic era, present and future. Superb technique and simple intuition. Pure Custom bikes. Not everyone can have the pleasure of riding a special by Tottimotori. For many reasons. For time limits. He works alone. Or maybe for budget reasons. A special built by Roberto could cost some tens of thousand EUR. But anyone could have a piece of his history.

Around Christmas will be released a limited series of its first photo book, Made in Italy. Anyone could buy it on-line. Through the book anyone can enter his magic world of special bikes. Inside are described the milestones of his career through the photographic analysis of his best bikes. A one and only occasion for the ones who didn't have the pleasure of seeing one of his bike live. Not to buy and own this book would be a real crime!!!

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