Friday, October 12, 2007

Some (un)usual things to do in Paris

For sure Paris is one of the most fascinating city in Europe. Probably in the whole world too. It's rich. It's wide. It's modern and ancient. In one word it is simply wonderful. Paris could be really expensive. If you are looking for hotels in Paris you must be ready to pay higher rates than in other European cities. Anyway, using some web sources, it's not so hard to find cheap hotels with a good level of service and comfort. After having found out a good place to sleep in the city it's time to go. You can live Paris as a common tourist. Take a look at it with one of those nasty Sightseeing Bus. Or you can choose differently. You could try to live Paris in a slight different way. Maybe with the help of a local. Or at least you could try to do both. Visit the main tourists attractions. And then spend some time to discover hidden or just unusual places.

For the institutional part of the trip it's wise not to forget a visit at the Tour Eiffel. Nothing is more tourists related than taking a picture of the tower. But anyway this is a true symbol of Paris and it would be a real madness not to take a close look at it! At least one time in a life it's a must. Another special place, packed with tourists, is the Louvre Museum. No one while visiting Paris should miss this place. Just to have a look at the outside of the building and at the broad square where it was built is simply a breathtaking experience. If you want to deeply visit the exhibition it would take 3 to 5 days. Too much. Just skip anything but the Mona Lisa. It would be perfect if you have recently seen the Da Vinci code movie. Visiting the Louvre will be a completely different trip! To conclude the first part of the itinerary a quick visit to Notre Dame Cathedralis just perfect. Stop here. Nothing more. This would be enough to tell your friend about usual Paris.

Let's now start with the fun. Or at least with the less usual track. The starting point could be a free walk in the Marais. It's very nice to walk within this district without a goal apart the building-watching. It's amazing to breathe the special atmosphere propelled by the crowd of young crazy designer and their ateliers. After this could be really nice to stop in one of the thousand Cafè just to relax as a real Parisienne drinking a cup of coffee.

For the night, if the budget is not a problem, a valid option is a dinner at Buddha Bar. One of the most glamorous restaurant in Paris. Anyway a visit for a drink to see the place is strongly recommended. For a 5 star experience a glass of a vintage champagne at the Hotel de Crillion is a very luxury way to treat yourself. After dinner and till late the right place is Harry's Bar. Just say "Sank Roo Doe Noo" to the taxi driver and you will reach a real piece of the history of Paris. Have some fun with a jazz gig in the lower level and prepare yourself for a real French night.

Last place to conclude the unusual tour of Paris is Pere Lachaise. It's a little bit strange place to visit. Pere Lachaise it's a cemetary. But really unusual. It's made in a very strange way. It's like a garden with a lot of sculptures inside. It's a nice place. But the thrilling thing is that it's populated by the graves of many famous persons like Chopin, Proust, Bellini or Modigliani. More than other two graves must be visited. The one of Oscar Wilde. A big squared block of stone covered by thousand of kisses left by the fans with their colored lipsticks. And to finish the one where Jim Morrison is buried since 1971. Probably the most visited grave in the whole world. A real mystic trip for any rock'n'roll lover.

Paris is unique uncomparable and probably forever unbeatable. A trip to Paris it's always a special adventure anyone should have.

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